CBD TINCTURE - 30ML - 1000mg (extra strength)

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Whole Plant CBD Rich Extract

All of our organic, non-GMO products utilize whole plant CBD rich extract—also referred to as full spectrum—a complete, unrefined extract from the cannabis plant, which keeps the full synergistic properties of terpenes, secondary cannibinoids, and fatty acids that interact and enhance the properties of CBD. A groundbreaking study from Israel has documented the superior therapeutic properties of whole plant CBD rich cannabis extract, as compared to single-molecule cannabidiol or CBD.  

All cannabis plants have unique “chemovar profiles”— or active compound profiles—in addition to the more well-known cannabinoids, CBD and THC. In fact, there can be more than 200 different types of cannabinoids and more than 500 active compounds with all three categories combined.

Whole plant preparations hold therapeutic relevance because of a synergistic effect that occurs in the body called the ‘entourage effect.’ Once fully metabolized, multiple mechanisms of action are triggered when all of the different receptor sites in the body are stimulated. While not yet fully understood, research suggests there may be enhanced therapeutic benefit.

Acid cannabinoids 

Clients often ask whether their cannabis therapy should use activated or non-activated cannibinoids. In the growing cannabis plant, two major cannibinoids exist almost entirely in the acid form, known as THCA and CBDA—or “THC-acid” and “CBD-acid.” However, when these acidic cannibinoids are heated, a chemical reaction takes place called decarboxylation or “activation”—think smoking, vaping, or making canna-butter. THC-acid is non-psychoactive—consuming it will not result in feeling ‘high”—very different from the effects of activated THC. Many people are looking for a cannabis therapy option that does not have a significant amount of psychoactivity. Patients reporting on results of THC-acid and CBD-acid therapy typically note that their symptoms were alleviated within several days of ingesting acidic cannibinoids. In particular, those suffering from chronic conditions like multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, autism reported successful results. It is worth noting, however, symptoms returned quickly for many of these patients once they ceased using THCA or CBDA therapy.

CBDA - Whole plant CBD rich extract. Unrefined and raw whole plant preparation from hemp.

CBD - Whole plant CBD rich extract. Unrefined decarboxylated whole plant preparation from hemp.