Not all CBD products are created equal. In fact, there are very real differences between the Cannabidiol miscellany crowding store shelves these days—from gummies to bath bombs and and beyond.

In short, through deep research and relevant protocol validations, we’ve created proprietary strains of CBD that deliver the highest level of therapeutic benefit.



  • Our strain selection is based on the active therapeutic compounds.
  • The majority of CBD that is available on the market comes from a handful of strains that are grown specifically for crop durability.
  • Our strain selection comes from years of preclinical/clinical research and anecdotal experiences of what has worked for our clientele:
    • Wild strains
    • Genetics that come from old world knowledge
    • Developed and stabilized by experienced Cultivators, Agronomists, Farmers and Seed Banks
  • We have a rigorous screening process between the seeds that are sprouted and the seedlings that actually make it out on to the pristine fields of the Pacific North West were our hemp is grown.


  • Grown mostly by nature but guided by wise farmer hands that understand the earth. 
  • Cultivation only through organic and sustainable farming practices.
  • Fertilized by natural means using native soils and only native natural and organic added fertilizers
  • No pesticides ever. Pests are managed by natural means.

Hand Harvested & Cured

  • Only harvested by hand. In our industry there is controversy over harvesting practices by large scale producers. Tractor harvesting is not well suited for hemp stalks. Flowers should be handled with care because of the consistency of the fruits, anything that sticks on your flower has the potential to stay there and are not able to be removed even through the extraction process.
  • Flowers are only cured in wooden barns and naturally earned drying the water content and naturally preserving the cannabinoid oils. We just sit back and let nature carry on.


  • We handle our extraction process at sub zero temperatures to preserve and prevent oxidation/degradation of the therapeutic compounds.
  • Highest micron filtering to prevent any plant fibers from ending up in the finished product.


  • Using nano emulsion technology we have been able to design a proprietary technique that blends our extract in organic high quality carrier oils. This improves bioavailability and eventually translates in to better results for our customers.